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JVC 9475 JW

: 1975

Type: 4-Band stereo radio cassette recorder

Semiconductors: 4 ICs, 24 transistors

Speakers: 12cm (4-1/2")

Dual cone speaker (4ohm) x 2

Tuner section

Frequency ranges: FM 88~108MHz

MW 540~1600kHz

SW1 2.3~6MHz

SW2 6~ 18MHz

Intermediate frequency : FM 10.7MHz

SW & MW 455kHz

Antennas: Telescopic antennas for FM & SW

Ferrite core antenna for MW & SW1

Tape recorder section

Tape: Philips type cassette

Track system: 4-Track 2-channel stereo

Frequency response: 50~12,000Hz (with chrome tape)

50~10,000Hz (with regular tape)

Wow & flutter: Less than 0.15% (WRMS)

S/N ratio: 46dB at 1kHz

Rewind time: Within 100sec (C-60 cassette)

Fast forward time: Within 100sec (C-60 cassette)

Tape speed: 4.75cm/sec (1-7/8 ips.)

Monitor: Variable sound monitor

Amplifier section

Power output: 6W max. (3W per channel) (RMS)

Input jacks: Mic x 2 (1mV, low impedance)

Line in x2 (100mV, 350kOm )

Output jacks: Line out x 2 (0.2V, load impedance 3.3kOm)

Ext. speaker x 2 (load impedance 4 Om)

DIN jack: Input impedance; less than 10 kOm

Output impedance; less than 10kohm

Power supply: DC 9V (6 "UM-1" batteries)

Car battery through a car battery adapter

AC 110/220/240V, 50/60Hz (9475W)

AC 240V, 50/60Hz (9475WH)

Power consumption: 11W max., RMS output power

Dimensions: 22.9(H) x 40.8(W) x 10.8(D)cm

(9"x 16" x 4-1/4")

Weight: Approx. 4.8kg (10.6 lbs.) (with batteries)

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

JVC 9475 LS
JVC Nivico 9475 W

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