Фирма PHILIPS & Co была основана в 1891 г. в городе Эйндховене Голландия Фредириком Филипс и  его сыном Герардом
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Philips D 8733
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Год начала выпуска: 1984

Spatial Stereo 20 watts double sound machine with dubberdeck (6-motor drive). Detachable speakers. Cassette Section. Double stereo cassette deck. 6-motor drive with electronic control. Feather-touch keyboard. Normal or high speed dubbing with fade in/out facility. Disc-Jockey style inter-deck mixing. Metal tape capability. Manual or automatic record level control. Led bar level display. Two counters. Soft eject. Tuner section. MW, SW1 (2.2-7.7 MHz), SW2 (7.5-22 MHz). Double tuning scales with led pointers. Led-bar signal strength display. Telescopic aerial for FM and SW. Fet front-ends. Amplifier section. Output 2 x 10 W max. Microphone mixing control and stereo microphone sockets. Headphone monitor unit with A- deck/sour-ce/B-deck selection and volume control. Mono/stereo control with spatial faciity. Loudness button. Led-bar level readout. Sound machine is provided with two clip-on wide-frequency speakers, both with 17 cm woofer and horn tweeter. Connections for external microphones, record player, tape deck, headphones and loudspeakers. W x H x D: 77 x 29 x 16 cm (with boxes). Weight 10 kgs. Power supply: 110/127/220 V, 50/60 Hz or 12 V car battery or 10 batteries

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