Основатель  PIONEER стал Nozomu Matsumoto в 1937 году разработавший  динамический громкоговоритель А-8
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Pioneer System Hi-Tech
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Год начала выпуска: 1981

A-8       Stereo Integrated Non-Switching™ DC-Servo Amplifier with Pictographic Display
F-7        FM/AM Digital/Quartz Synthesized Preset Tuner
PL-L800Quartz-PLL, Full-Auto Direct-Drive Tangential Tracking Turntable
CT-8R   Computer-Controlled 3-Direct-Drive-Motor Auto-Reverse Playback Stereo Cassette Deck with 3-Head/Dolby "B/C" NR System/Auto BLE Tuning System
SG-9     Stereo Graphic Equalizer
B-M600 Component Rack
SA-720 Stereo Integrated Amplifier TX-720  FM/AM Voltage Synthesized Preset Tuner PL-720  Quartz-PLL, Full-Auto Direct-Drive Turntable CT-720 3-Direct-Drive-Motor Auto-Reverse Playback Stereo
Cassette Deck with Dolby* NR System SG-300 Stereo Graphic Equalizer DT-510  Precision FLUROSCAN™ Digital Timer Clock CB-80W Component Rack JR-C1    Cassette Box

System Hi-Tech embodies many of the latest developments in audio. The amplifier, model A-8, features Non-Switching circuitry and accepts MC (Moving-Coi!) as well as MM (Moving-Magnet) cartridges. The tuner, model F-7, is quartz-PLL synthesized for accuracy and convenience. A total of 12 station presets are available. The PL-L800 turntable features a tangential tracking tonearm and a high-output MC cartridge. The CT-8R deck features a 3-motor transport, auto-reverse playback and many computer-aided conveniences. Completing the system are a full 12-band graphic equalizer and a system rack. System Hi-Tech — truly a "dream system."

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