Основатель  PIONEER стал Nozomu Matsumoto в 1937 году разработавший  динамический громкоговоритель А-8
Подробнее о производителе      Глоссарий аббревиатур

Pioneer System-990
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Год начала выпуска: 1981

SA-720 Stereo Integrated Amplifier TX-720  FM/AM Voltage Synthesized Preset Tuner
PL-720  Quartz-PLL, Full-Auto Direct-Drive Turntable
CT-720 3-Direct-Drive-Motor Auto-Reverse Playback Stereo Cassette Deck with Dolby NR System
SG-300 Stereo Graphic Equalizer DT-510  Precision FLUROSCAN™ Digital Timer Clock
CB-80W Component Rack
JR-C1    Cassette Box

Component Systems have many virtues. They're space saving and good looking. They're perfectly matched components — both in specs and sound quality. They take the guesswork out of component purchasing. And, best of all, they're fine values in today's market, especially if they're from Pioneer.
Our component systems feature many of the same features and conveniences as our separate components — like digital tuning, metal-tape capability, fully-automatic turntables, and more, much more.
Pioneer Component Systems — for the love of music.

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