История фирмы JVC началась в 1927 г. Со дня основания и до сего дня компания руководствовалась тремя основными принципами: семейственность, развитие и качество

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JVC RC-660 LS2
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Год начала выпуска: 1984
Регион: Европа

• Two 12-cm woofers and two 2-cm tweeters
• One-touch recording convenience: record button is positioned inside the play button to allow both buttons to be pressed simultaneously
• Auto-stop at the end of tape in record or play mode
• Stereo widening effect with a special circuit that makes the sound seem as if it were coming from speakers farther apart
• ALC (Automatic Level Control) optimises recording level
• Beat cut switch to eliminate "beats" heard as low frequency noise, that can sometimes occur when recording MW, LW or SW broadcasts
• Built-in electret condenser microphone
• Jacks for headphones and left and right channel microphones Output power: 6 watts (3 watts per channel) max., 4.4 watts (2.2 watts per channel) at 10 % total harmonic distortion
Dimensions: 492W x 195H x 125D mm
Weight: 3 kg (with batteries)
Power source: AC 110/220/240 V, 50/60 Hz, "R-20" batteries x 6

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