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Sharp VZ-3000 H

: 1981



Rated voltage: AC 110V, 220V, 240V, 50/60z
Power consumption: 230W
Dimensions (Main unit): 597(W) x 170(D) x 378() mm
Weight (Main unit): 14.6kg
Input sockets: Microphone: 1 mV/10 kohms,
6.3mm jack

AUX (PB): 190mV, 47kohms

Output sockets: AUX (RE) : l00kohms

Speaker: 4 ohms

Headphones: 8 ohms, 6.3mm jack
Other sockets: FM antenna: FM 300 ohms balanced

MW/LW antenna: outside antenna

Ground: MW/LW antenna ground
Semiconductors: 1 LSI, 17 ICs, 1 FET, 54transistors,

56 diodes, 7 LEDs, 3photo-interruptors

2 infrared LEDs

Player Section
Type: Microcomputer control. Linear tracking

full auto, Belt drive
Motor: DC motor with FG (for platter drive) x1,

DC motor (for tonearm drive) x1
Drive system: Belt drive system
Speeds: 33-1 /3, 45 rpm
Wow & FIutter: 0.085% (DIN)
S/N: 66dB (DIN-B)
Tonearm: Dynamic balanced, Linear tracking
Cartridge: VM type

Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz

Exchangeable stylus: STY-121

Supplied devices: Automatic door open/close, auto lead-in,

auto return, auto record size sensing,

automatic speed selection, both side play,

repeat play

Amplifier Section
Circuit: OCL power amp with ±power supply
Power output: RMS;25W 2 at 0.5% THD, 4 ohms
Total harmonics distortion: 0.1% (4ohms at 20W output)
Frequency response: 40Hz -20kHz ±1.5dB
Tone Controls: Bass: ±9dB (100Hz)

Treble: ±9dB (10kHz)

Tuner Section
Circuit: Superheterodyne FM/MW/LW tuner,

PLL stereo demodulation circuit,

FM muting circuit built in
Frequency range: FM: 87.6 - 108MHz

MW: 520-1,620kHz,

LW: 148,5-285kHz
Intermediate frequency: FM: 10.7MHz MW/LW: 455kHz
Sensitivity: FM: 2.0.V at S/N 26dB 40 kHz dev.

MW/LW: 350μV/m
Separation: FM: 36dB (1kHz FM stereo)
S/N: FM: 70dB (monaural 1kHz)

Cassette Deck Section
Recording tracks: 4 track 2 channel stereo system
Recording system: AC bias (85kHz)
Erasing system: AC erasing system (85kHz)
Heads: Record/playback head 1, Erase head 1
Motor: Electronic control DC motor
Tape speed: 4.8cm/sec.
Fast forward time: 100 sec. (C-60 tape)
Rewind time: 100 sec. (C-60 tape)
Wow & flutter: 0.2% (DIN)
Frequency response:
Normal tape: 30-14,000Hz

Chrome tape: 30-15,000Hz
Metal tape: 30-16,000Hz
S/N: Dolby NRoff: 52dB
Dolby NR on: 62dB
(Metal tape, over 5kHz)
Sharp VZ-3000 Z
Sharp VZ-3000 HB
Sharp VZ-V3
Sharp VZ-V3 S

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