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Aiwa TPR-920 SSH

: 1977

Type Multiband radio stereo
cassette recorder
Circuitry TPR-920H and C
39transistors. 70diodes, 3lCs,
36 transistors. 16 diodes, 2IC, 1 LED
Power source Batteries, DC 9 V (UM-1 x 6)
TPR-920H and SSH
AC 110-120 V/220-240 V
(switch able)
AC 120 V
Car battery (thru car adapter)
Output 7.2 W maximum (3.6W +3,6 W)
Power consumption TPR-920H and SSH: 16W
TPR-920C : 20W
Frequency response Normal tape: 50-12,000 Hz
CrO2 tape: 50-14,000 Hz
Speakers 120mm
x 2
Tape Recorder Section
Built-in microphones Electret condenser microphones
Tape speed 4.8 cm/sec
Recording system AC bias
Erasing system AC erase
Recording time 90 minutes (C 90 cassette, both
Signal to noise ratio 53 dB (Normal tape)
55dB(CrO2, tape)
Wow and flutter 0.09% (WRMS)
Radio Section
Frequency ranges TPR-920 H and C
FM: 87.5 108 MHz
SW: 3.9 12 MHz
MW: 525-1605 kHz
SW1 : 2.3-7MHz
SW2: 7-22MHZ
MW: 525-1605kHz
Antennas Whip antenna lot FM and SW
Ferrite bar antenna for MW
External antenna terminal for FM (TPR-920H and C)
External antenna terminal for SW (TPR-920SSH)
Dimensions 445 x 287 x 117 (mm)
Weight 5.6 kg (including batteries)
Accessories AC power cord 1
Cassette tape 1
Batteries (Super UM-1) 6
Head cleaning slick 1
Erase plug 1
Carrying case (HT and SSHT
models only) 1
The specifications and external appearance of this set are
subject to change without prior notice.

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