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Toshiba RT-580 F ACTAS-580

Cassette Tape Used C-30, C-60, C-90, C-120
Tape Speed 4.8 cm/sec.
Track System 2-track, 1-channel Monophonic
Recording System AC bias (85 kHz)
Erasing System AC bias(85kHz)
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 10000 Hz Crome tape
Receiving Frequency FM: 76MHz to 90 MHz
SW: 3.8 MHz to 12 MHz
MW: 525 kHz to1605kHz
Intermediate Frequency FM: 10.7 MHz
SW&AM: 455 kHz
Antenna FM,SW: telescopic
antenna AM: ferrite-core antenna
Output power 2,500mW (distortion 10%)
Speakers Woofer 120 mm (dia.) dynamic 8ohm
Tweeter 50 mm(dia.) dynamic 8ohm

Jacks [MIC] External Microphone Jack jack Impedance 2k ohm
[PHONES] jack x1
[AUX IN] Impedance 100k ohm
[REMOTE] remote jack
[STAND BY] stand by jack for mic mix
Power Supply AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
DC 9 V [SUM-1 (R20) "D" cellx6]
Power Consumption 10 W
Dimensions (W) 376 mm x (H) 222 mm x(D) 94 mm
Weight 4.8 kg (with batteries)
Specifications are subject to change for improvement.

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