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Aiwa CA-W10

: 1982


Type Stereo multiband radio

cassette recorder

Circuitry 70 transistors, 34 diodes,

13 ICs, 21LEDs

Power source Batteries, DC 13.5 V (UM-1 x 9)

Car battery (thru car adaptor)

CA-W10E, Z

AC 110—120 V/220240 V

(switchable) 5060 Hz,



(switchable) 5060 Hz

Output 28 W maximum (14W +14 W)

Power consumption CA-W10E, Z


Tape Recorder Section

Tape speed 4.8 cm/sec

Recording system B AC bias

Erasing system B AC erase

Recording time B 60 minutes (C-60 Compact cassette, both directions)

Frequency response LH tape: 3013,000 Hz,

Cr02 tape: 3014,000 Hz

METAL tape: 3016,000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio 54 dB (LH tape)

Wow and flutter 0.045% (WRMS)

Radio Section

Frequency ranges FM: 87.5108 MHz

MW: 5251 605 kHz

SW: 5.918 MHz

LW: 150285 kHz

Antennas Whip antenna for FM and SW

Ferrite bar antenna for MW and LW

External antenna terminals for FM (except Z model)

Speaker Section System

Type 2-way closed type

Using speaker Woofer 120 mm cone type

Tweeter 50 mm cone type

Impedance 8 ohm

Playback frequency range 50~18,000Hz

Output sound pressure level 88 dB/W/m

Allowable maximum input 15 W

Maximum dimensions 645(W)x250(H)x198(D)mm

Total weight 10.7kg (incl. batteries)

Supplied accessories AC power cord 1

speaker cord 2

Aiwa CA-W1

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