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Panasonic RX-5080

: 1982

Power requirement: AC;110-115/115-127/200-220V,
230-250V 50Hz\60Hz

Battery; 12V (eight- "D" size Flashlight batteries)
Panasonic UM-1 or equivalent
Car battery; with optional car adaptor RP-952
Power consumption; 24 W (AC only)
Power output: 15W (7.5Wx2) ... RMS (max)

Speakers: Woofer 16cm PM dynamic speaker (3Ω)
Tweeter 5cm
PM dynamic speaker (4Ω)
Input: MIC; sensitivity 0.25mV/applicable microphone
impedance 200-600Ω
sensitivity 0.8mV/applicable microphone
impedance 200-600Ω
sensitivity 2.5mV/47kΩ
LINE IN; sensitivity 200mV/47kΩ

Output: LINE OUT;sensitivity 420mV/10kΩ under Speaker
3Ω- 8Ω

Dimensions: Total size
534mm(W) x 265mm(H) x 178mm(D)

Weight: 5.7kg (without batteries)

Radio section

Radio frequency range: FM; 88MHz ~ 108MHz

AM; 525-1610kHz

Intermediate Frequency (IF): FM 10.7MHz
AM 455kHz

Sensitivity: FM 2.5μV /50mW output

AM 70μV/m/50mW output

Tape Deck Section
Frequency responce: 5
0-12,000 Hz(with normal tape)
50-13,000 Hz(with CrO2 tape)
50-14,000Hz (with Metal tape)

Recording system; AC bias, AC erase

Tape speed: 4.8cm/s
Wow&Flutter 0.08%(WRMS)
Program time: 1 hour with C-60 cassette tape

Track system: 4-track stereo recording and playback
National RX-5080

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